mandag den 15. juni 2015

March and aprils art challenge

The last couple of art challenges have been really difficult for me to overcome, and even after having taken them on I have been struggeling to get them finished. If you dont know what I am talking about look at The Jealous Curators blog.
But here they come, in all their splendor ;-)

March was all about painting sheets of paper and, chopping that into abstract or representational shapes, and then move them around until arriving at a composition. It was given to us by Kate Pugsley.

This challenge was somehow incredibly difficult for me, and I never really felt that I arrived at something that spoke to me, as an artist.

The first part:

And my attempts at arriving at compositions:

And some scrap bits, that actually inspires me!

Aprils challenge from Cassandra Smith was making a sculpture from a found object! Immediately I knew what I was going to do. For some time I had been collecting lost gloves and mittens. My parameter was that they should look really forgotten and preferably I should bike past them a couple of times before collecting them. Within the month I had a considerable collection. But then the creative block sat in! What to actually do with them???

Time passed and I had only vague ideas......


Then one day these came along:

So far so good, but I think this has actually opened op for something, that I will continue doing!

.....Mays challenge I havent done yet......